Abiding in Christ: Pruning Part 1

Saturday April 10, 2010

Listen as Pastor Dale preaches on abiding in Christ from John 15. This sermon is rich in truth from the Word of God and from the many examples of experiences in Pastor Dale’s life. (Also Is. 50:4; Heb. 12:1) Here are a few nuggets of truth: The Word prunes and changes us. Pruning brings more fruit, as well as abiding in Him. We can know what to do by spending time with God. Team up with Jesus in your business. He will tell you what to do and when to do it. He will guide you into success and victory when you face an obstacle. We know God’s will by His Word. You can’t determine the will of God by circumstances and experiences. God prunes you before He builds you up. You have to lay aside every weight ( that’s not necessarily a sin, but something that you must put down in order to pick up what God wants you to pick up) and every sin. You must deal with the comfortable and private sin in your life. Get serious about letting God be Lord over every part of your life. Only you can make your consecration and holiness. God chastens His children, so it must be something unbelievers can’t experience, and it is, because He chastens our spirit. Accidents, sickness, and other physical attacks are not God’s chastening. Pastor Dale’s experiences shared: salesman job and homosexual; “I am your paycheck.”; Vicent van Gough; Andorra- butcher knife; church elder – 5 beachheads; assistant pastor and special guest speaker.

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