God’s Plan For Man

Saturday August 25, 2012

It all begins in the book of Beginnings ( Genesis ). Many times in the first chapter it repeats ” God said ” God. was setting an example for us on how much our words mean. Our words carry life and death. Prov. 18:21. God’s perfect plan and will are revealed to us in the garden. He created man in his likeness and image. What does it mean to be created in the likeness of God. An egg is a great example of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. If we are God’s children (sons) and He is our Father and we have been born again, we are a part of Him. This makes us like Him as we were created ” In His Likeness “. We have authority over this world and things in this world. We are the same species –┬áif you will – that God is.

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