God’s Rest

Sunday July 8, 2012
July 8, 2012
Tithe: Mark 12:41-44  Jesus looked at the heart of the poor widow women. One thing that exposed the Heart to what it really is Is in Giving. God is a jealous God and wants every part of us. Do we give or commit everuthing to God or does something get in the way? God can work in us if we give Him our all.
Message: God’s Rest    Text Mark 4: 9-41
Our Hearts are 4 types of soils – Hard-packed, rocky, thorny and good. We all want to believe we are the good soil. Which type of soil is our heart? Fear and worry are the opposite of God’s Rest. We are to cast our cares on Jesus. The storms of Life will come but in the midst of them we can remain in God’s rest just like Jesus slept through the storm on the sea of Galilee. When our heart is the good soil we will Hear the Word, Believe the Word, and Do the Word.
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