God’s will to Heal Part 2

Sunday August 19, 2012

God’s will to Heal. We are conviced because of scripture that it is God’s will to heal. In order to be scripturally correct we must have scripture. Paul reasoned in the synagogues but he did it with scripture. We do not go by stories, our own expirences or others but by the Word of God. Reason #1. God’s Word is medicine. Prov. 4:22 The word health actually means medicine. If we get enough of word long enough we will be healed. Ps. 107 says God sent his word and Healed them. Reason #2 A Strong Spirit. Prov. 18:14 tells us a strong spirit will take on an infirmity. Many times the Word tells us to be strong, nowhere does it tell us to be weak. God wants us to be strong.

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