God’s Will To Heal Part 3

Sunday September 2, 2012

Text:Luke 5:12 A man full of leprosy questions Jesus willingness to heal him. He knew Jesus could but wasn’t sure if Jesus was willing. So many Christians are in the same shoes as the leper. they know God can heal but aren’t sure he wants to. Pastor Jay brings out scriptural reasons that it is God’s will to heal us right now #1 God’s Word is medicine Prov. 4:20-22. #2 A Strong Spirit will sustain you Prov.18:14 #3 God’s original plan in the original creation Gen.1&2 #4 God’s will is the same in Heaven & the world to come Rev. 21:1-4 Matt. 6:10 #5 The origin of sickness and disease Rom. 5:11,12 Rom. 6:23 #6 Sickness is the work of the Devil. Job 2:7, Ps. 41:8, Luke 13:12-17

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