The Ministry of the Believer

Sunday July 1, 2012
Tithe: 2 Cor. 8:1-5   Pastor Jay challenged us to not lose our joy when we go through trials. The church in Macedonia did not lose their joy during great trial and extreme poverty. They were still generous in their giving. We need to give ourselves first to God and His joy is our strength. Its not the money amount that we give to God it’s the condition of our heart.
Message: Text Mark 1: 9-39 Pastor Jay brought out 5 points that a believer needs to be fulfilling in their ministry. (1.) Spending time with the Father (2.) Compassion for people (3.) Working with the Father (4.) Giving up our own selves (5.) Being full of Joy
If a believer does not spend time with the Father they cannot truly help others. Jesus said that ” He does not do anything except what He sees the Father do.” The only way we can find out what Gos wants us to do is by fellowshipping with Him. We need to learn to give our own desires for the Father’s desire. Mark 1:40 & 41 Jesus was moved with compassion. We are all called to evangelize but in order to evangelize we need compassion for people’s souls. By spending time with the Father He will give us compassion. Matt. 14:14-20 The 12 disciples worked with Jesus and were blessed. We must work with Jesus and we also will be blessed. Mark 16: 19 -20 Powerful things happen when our steps are in line with God’s steps. Power equals joy & joy equals power If we lose our joy we lose being filled with the Holy Spirit. John 16:22-24  & Acts 13:52
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